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About Shree <b>About Shree</b>

Paramsadguru Shri Gajanan Maharaj referred to as Shree (The Holy) of Shivpuri, Akkalkot, is revered throughout the world as the Perfect Supreme Master (Param-Sat-Guru).

He is recognized as the mythological incarnation - Kalki. According to the ancient scriptures, it is stated that a divine incarnation will manifest on the planet to destroy 'Kalaka' meaning pollution & resuscitate the Vedas.

He will re-establish the Eternal Religion (Satya-Dharma). The message of Shree delivers the planet from all types of 'Kalka'. The process of Agnihotra revived by Shree purifies the atmosphere and human mind.

Swami Shivanand, the incarnate of Lord Shiva himself, a great Yogi who perpetuated the Mantra Yoga of sound 'Om' (Nadabramha) & Yogini Sonamata were Shree's parents. They belonged to the noble family of Rajimwale, the chieftains of an area of 84 villages like Rajim, Ratnapur & Pendra etc. of the present Chattisgarh (India).

Swami Shivananda & Sonamata, even though lived amidst riches, were totally unattached to worldly matters. By the grace of a Yogi it was revealed to Sonamata that her pure womb was to give birth to the 'Light of the Universe', and the 'Son of Man' Shree was born on 16th May 1918 in Kharagpur (Dist.Midnapore,W.Bengal,India).

Born in a noble family, the child was destined to fulfill the divine wish. Shree had the stars of a Sovereign King or Supreme Yogic Master in His horoscope.

According to the Buddhist tradition similar was the positioning of stars in the horoscope of Lord Buddha.

In 1938 at the age of 20, He became the Head of the monastery (Peethadheesha) of Gurumandir of Akkalkot. This Holy lineage of Masters had issued from Swami Samartha Maharaj, who is respected as the incarnation of Lord Dattatreya. As the Divine plan unfolded, in the year 1942, (10th of the bright half of the lunar month Phalgun) Lord Parshuram, the sixth & the most powerful incarnation, who by his prowess conquered the universe & then with utter non-attachment gave it away as Daan, in whom the physical as well as the Mantra power attained it's zenith, appeared to Shree.

He was blessed with the ancient & supreme knowledge of 'Shrividya'. The pitiable condition of Satya Dharma was shown to Shree in a vision. Instantaneously, Shree, vowed at the feet of His master "I will resuscitate the Vedas".

The date was 21st September 1944. Ashwin Shuddha 4, Saka 1866. On the day of Vijayadashmi, touching the holy feet of Lord Parshuram, He repeated the most difficult vow.

This historic moment changed the course of mankind.

The vow put an end to the era of Kali Yuga symbolized by ignorance, evil & darkness.

The 'New Era' was named by Shree as Satya Vikram Samvat. On the same day Sapta Shloki (Seven Verses) were revealed unto Shree.

Sapta Shloki is chanted every day throughout the world by countless followers of SATYA DHARMA. It depicts the fundamentals of the Vedas in the form of 'Five Fold Path'. It is a Divine revelation and not a human composition. It is an astonishing verse, lucid, precise and full of meaning. Shree was a Siddha Yogi of great stature. He was Divinity and Purity manifest in the human body.

His daily spiritual routine began at the Brahma Muhurata. i.e. early hours of the morning. He remained perpetually in the state of Samadhi. Most of the time during the day He was engrossed in performance of various forms of austre tapa like Silence (Mauna), Fasting, Chanting of Guru mantras etc.

His personal needs were extremely limited. He wore an unstitched white dhoti around his waist and carried another piece of white cloth on his shoulders.

He spent most of the time in his meditation room sitting on a small square wooden stool, where he received disciples and visitors from all over the world.

Shree had no material possessions. He has never even touched money or gold. He was extremely punctual and his daily chores were attuned perfectly with the watch.

He had a peaceful, royal and pleasant bearing. His deep eyes would penetrate through the outer cover of the person standing in front of him and reach his inner self. In his presence, stressed minds were pacified, and all queries were answered.

Many would go to him with a question in mind and come out without verbally asking anything but feeling satisfied.

He had in depth knowledge of Vedas, Scriptures and the Science of the Mantras. He possessed many miraculous Siddhis (Spiritual powers) but detested from making use of these abilities in the day-to-day life. He lived in a child like simplicity.

As part of his mission Shree performed a Mahasomyaga from 28th Feb to 4th March 1969 at Shivpuri, the Yajnya Nagar. It was a great event. Learned Vedic scholars conducted the proceedings of the Somayaga. It was the first time in 2500 years that a Somayaga was performed strictly as per the disciplines of Vedas in which there was no sacrifice of animals, no flesh oblations, not even suggestively.

As a symbol of Somayaga a massive Yajnya pillar was erected at Shivpuri. Shivpuri, the holy Yajnya Nagar, was founded by Shree on the occasion of the Somayaga to fulfill the command of His father Swami Shivananda. Shree propagated the doctrine of universal peace and brotherhood. He preached the teaching of Ahimsa (Non Violence), Daan (Sharing of our assets with the feeling of humility), love, compassion, forgiveness etc.

His teachings inevitably transcend the barriers of caste, creed, colour, religion, cult, nationality or language and such other man made distinctions. He showered unlimited love and blessings on the downtrodden, poor and ailing of the world.

He often taught his disciples that service rendered unto the needy and suffering, is in true sense 'Divine worship'. He attacked the caste system prevalent in Indian society and advocated equal rights and respect to women with regards to practice of the Satya Dharma.

Shree promoted research and teachings of ancient Vedic language Sanskrit in which the fathomless treasures of humanity are preserved.

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