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Just uploaded the Agnihotra software. WOW!!!!! Thanks for this selfless gift, you truly are a saint...

Nivann - South Africa
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Agnihotra Direct was launched on the 7th September 2005 on the auspicious occasion of Lord Ganesh's birthday (Ganesh Chaturthi). Our vision is to be a vehicle in bringing the healing effects of Agnihotra to the planet earth. Agnihotra is an ancient healing practice that can be performed by anyone, anywhere in the world, all it requires is a special pure copper pyramid of a specific proportion and the other ingredients can be locally gathered. We have thus enabled the effortless distribution of the Agnihotra pyramid kits from India direct to any postal address on the planet and making ordering of these kits as easy as possible. Through this vision we hope to be instrumental in the expansion of the practice of Agnihotra throughout the world.

The practice of Agnihotra brings healing for individual, the surrounding enviroment and the society at large. It is performed daily at sunrise and sunset and through it's application and the release of fragrant substances, the environment is purified and balanced. It is a gift to the entire planet and in recent years scientific reports have been published showing the remarkable healing effects of Agnihotra on the mind, the body, the earth, animals, plants and the environment.

Agnihiotra in it's present form was revived in this century by the great sage Param Satguru Shri Gajanan Maharaj who lived near to Akalkot in Maharashtra. He was also instrumental in purifying the Vedic wisdom on Yagyas in general and the revival of Soma Yagyas being performed without any loss of blood (animal sacrifice). In this offering of service to the world for planetary healing, we pranam in grattitude to this sage and his life.

Besides teaching the practice of Agnihotra, this saint also indicated that for harmonious life on earth all beings should follow the following principals in daily life:

1. Sharing: No item is belonging to us, we are just carers of the entire creation, when this realization awakes within we can share everything as though we are all brothers and sisters which the ancients teach we are. If the entire world engaged in sharing consciously, there would be no lack for any animal, plant or man.

2. Spiritual Practices: The world today is largely engaged in material pursuits which are for our comfort and enjoyment. We should set a part of each day to quietening the mind and allowing our inner voice to speak; for prayer, for singing the names of G-d, for doing service for others in need; for contemplation and meditation. If all society were engaging just part of their time in such activities, there would be no suffering or lack.

3. Self-purification: We should all be conscious of our speech, our actions and our thoughts. We should engage in activities that bring us more clarity and purify our mind. When the mind is unattached to past and future it settles and becomes powerful and connected to it's source. By observing fasting a few times per month, by observing silence, by following Ayurvedic practices for bodily and mental purification, we lead a Divine life.

4. Self-inquiry: We should all take some time to ask "Who am I?". Am I this body or even this mind ? Is there something eternal that is within that is my real identity. We should all enquire this fundemental question and through this enquiry we will discover our true nature which is pure Beingness.

Agnihotra Direct is a subsidary of Vedic Books, a global online Spiritual bookstore bringing the amazing wisdom of India to the world in the form of it's books. Vedic Books is a well established company that has been trading online since May 2002.

Here's an excerpt from our Vision at Vedic Books:

"The books we sell are not ordinary books, but they are books that heal, transform and enlighten. We feel a great joy to make available books that are worth keeping for a lifetime, worth reading and rereading and passing around to all our friends. Each one of our books have been carefully selected and our feeling is that to produce a book is a sacrifice of a living being, namely a tree and the words and wisdom contained on the pages should be worthy of such an act."

Agnihotra Direct and Vedic Books are a fundraising venture for Vedic Society, an International educational and humanitarian organization devoted to helping the world with the applications of ancient wisdoms. Many of these wisdoms such as Ayurveda and Vaastu Shastra you will encounter in our shelves. All profits go to furthering Vedic Society research and project and in helping make this world a better place.

Please enjoy our site and if you have any suggestions then let us know.

This information page was added to our catalog on Thursday 03 February, 2005.

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